Exhibitor Advisory Group

The Exhibitor Advisory Group (“EAG”) establishes and enhances communication between the SCI Convention Committee and the Exhibitors. Collects and refines Exhibitors’ experiences, ideas, and proposals. Presents such experiences, ideas and proposals to SCI and takes advantage of decades of Exhibitors knowledge combined with SCI’s professional team to collaboratively produce the Greatest Sportsman’s Convention in the world.

EAG Chairman | Canada North Outfitting

Shane Black

Convention Committee Chair

Sven Linquist

Convention Committee Sub-Chair

Jeff Meyerl

Convention Committee Sub-Chair

Chris Muller

Board of Directors Liason

Lee Murray

EAG Member

Charlie Oakes

Trevor V. Swanson Sculptures

Trevor Swanson

Krieghoff International, Inc.

Alex Diehl

Coastal Alaska Adventures, Corp.

Keegan McCarthy


Barry Dyar

North Island Guide Outfitters

Dave Fyfe

Madubula Safaris

John Abraham

Hunting Consortium Ltd.

Rob Kern


Melissa Wolf

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