Shane Black

EAG Chairman | Canada North Outfitting

Shane Black began hunting and trapping with his father in the wilderness of Northern British Columbia.  At the age of eleven, his passion for the outdoors was awakened and he has never looked back.  At thirteen, Shane would accompany his dad as he purchased furs from the trappers throughout BC and the Yukon.  He learned about the history of guiding from these individuals who painted images of pack trains and the mountains. He knew then that he would one day pursue a career in the hunting industry. 

Shane is the consummate professional whose goal is to ensure we have wildlife for future generations within a healthy environment.  His dedication to his profession can be seen in his community involvement and with several outfitting associations along with very close working partnerships with scientists in Nunavut. 

Shane was awarded the SCI NA Professional Hunter of the Year 2017. 

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